I support 10 members of EXO.

I know most of you know what happened today, so I’m not going to explain it. I’m not writing this to argue with people who will support him or to persuade others to not support him anymore. I’m just writing how one of EXO fans feels.

You guys can believe whatever you want. But what I believe based on the news and SM’s official announcement is that he wanted to take a rest and also wanted to have individual schedules.  In my perspective, the fact that he hired the law firm same as Wu Yifan’s to cancel his contract with SM tells me he wants to leave EXO. 

I don’t know what Lay’s talking about on Instagram and Weibo and I don’t want to make any prediction regarding Lay and Tao, so I’m not going to talk about them here.

But he wrote “I’m home” on Weibo and “I just wanna all of you to know that I love you all” on Instagram. That’s it here. He wants to stay in China, then so be it. I don’t fucking care anymore. If he really wanted to stay as EXO, then he should let fans know why he did this and what he is thinking instead of these useless ‘Oh I still love you all, please support me’ writings. Yes of course, his law firm told him not to say anything directly, but I don’t fucking care. If he sincerely thinks about fans, he shouldn’t have sued SM in the first place.

'Oh, SM didn't treat him very well. All incomes are not divided evenly. M members got poor treatment'. These might be true, some might be true, or some might be false. I don't know. But what about other members? For god's sake, Suho spent 7 years in SM to debut.

He’s a Chinese member and it must’ve been hard for him to adjust in Korea, blah blah blah. Well, yeah everyone goes through hard times when he/she tries anything for the first time, and those people who overcome those difficulties succeed. I’m not trying to compare him, but I think other members also had as difficult time as him, if not less. Broker who contacted him probably offered lots of money, and he decided to follow him. In front of money, everyone follows money. And he is one of those people. 

I’m not going to write anymore about him since more I talk more I get mad. If you no longer want to follow me or spread this message and write hateful comments saying oh how can you hate him, did you really love him, I’m fine. My blog will tell you how I felt about him and how I feel about him now. 

I support 10 members of EXO. That’s it.

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Credit: BlackOut

Really, you guys are the best.

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shy Minseok + playful Jongdae = perfect Kim brothers

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Kyungsoo becomes a beagle next to Jongdae

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Credit: Mr. Destiny

After his solo stage, he has to go behind and come out for the Overdose second part, but he stayed on the stage with EXO-M and realized he was wrong. Ahh cute JongIn.

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Luhan - 我让你走了/ 내가 널 떠나게 했어 / I Let You Go 

beautifully sung by Luhan (pre-debut)

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The way EXO-M would hold your hands

Order: Xiumin -> Luhan -> Lay -> Chen -> Tao

which one is your style?

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The way EXO-K would hold your hands

Order: Suho -> Chanyeol -> Baekhyun -> D.O. -> Kai -> Sehun

which one is your style?

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boy or man depends on bangs

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